The Woods past the Wardrobe

A week ago we went to see the new Narnia movie. As big fans of the books, we were highly anticipating it. We definitely weren't disappointed. Yes, of course, there are some changes and additions from the book to the screen, but none of them really detracted from the story.

And what a story it is. I felt it was more powerfully portrayed here than in The Passion of the Christ. Seeing what Aslan did for Edmund hit me powerfully. Hopefully it will hit others.

And the scenery was breathtaking. Ah, to be able to travel to some of those locations. Right now I'm stuck with the snow across the barren plains. But it is really beautiful. To be outside on a winter day with snow on the ground and frost on the trees and no wind is to experience the most peaceful solitude.


'Tis the Season

I'm not doing very well at keeping up at this so far. Sorry. I'm not giving up yet, though.

It's the holiday season. And maybe I shouldn't use the word "holiday." I've heard a lot of discussion about that lately. Companies are using "holiday" instead of "Christmas", even going so far as to sell holiday trees. And some companies are listening to the response from people and going back to Christmas.

I personally don't think holiday is a bad word--at least if you know its background. Fairly obviously, its a compound of holy days. And that's what the holidays are: days set apart to acknowledge God.

It's really up to those who celebrate Christmas to make sure it remains what it is intended to be. A good reminder for us all--myself included--to keep focused on the meaning of this season, and not what others have tried to make it into.