Mountain Lions

It's a random topic, I know. Today at lunch, one of our regular volunteers mentioned how there had been a confirmed sighting of a mountain lion at the south lake in December. Mountain lions are rare in Iowa. Period. They've only been returning within the past year. But to have one within a few miles is exciting to me. I know there's a lot of people talking how bad this is. People are excited to shoot one; no one wants one around--especially if they own livestock. But personally, I think its great that they're back. They're supposed to be here. Now, I'm not going to get off on some animal rights rant--I don't believe animals are worth more than human lives, but I also feel that God put us in charge of things to take care of them and keep them in order. We've done a crappy job of doing that. Sometimes we just need to learn to adapt and let things be.

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