Weather-related Fatalities

I'm afraid this blog has been a weather-related fatality. It's been too nice outside to be focused inside. Spring is here! New life is abounding. Buds are forming on trees. The robins are hopping about, searching for worms. Snakes slither before me as I walk in the slowly-greening grass. I've got part of my garden started indoors. God is good.

We did go see The Passion of the Christ earlier this week. It was good. It's kind of hard to put words to the experience. It brought tears to my eyes. Most of the time I was feeling disgusted at what humanity is capable of doing. It's also amazing how much love Jesus has for us. There is hope. Again, God is good.


Self-dissatisfaction leading to self-destruction

It's been one of those weeks where I'm not terribly happy with myself. Or proud either.

And you'd think that recognizing my short-comings would give me cause and motivation to change my ill-natured behavior. It hasn't.

And it's obvious what the culprit is. I've been neglecting time in prayer and God's word. Why do I do that? I've been in this place before where I skip out on my God-time and I end up suffering. And I don't mean that to say that God is punishing me. Not at all (though I do deserve it). He doesn't need to--we bring far too many bad things on ourselves. No, it's not punishment. It's consequences. God offers me this great relationship with Him and I neglect it. I choose garbage over greatness. Idiocity.

Get on the ball. Do what is right. That's what I'm saying to myself. Remind me about it.


I Dream of Moose

I was just noticing that in my last post I mentioned that we saw no moose. Last night I had a dream about finding a moose in a lake (presumably the lake we live by, but nothing was recognizable). Dreams can be really odd. In the Old Testament, God often spoke through people's dreams. I don't know if He does through every dream. If so, I'm not sure what He's trying to tell me. As far as the moose goes . . . maybe I'm supposed to move to Canada--or just watch more Rocky & Bullwinkle.


Back home

We returned Saturday from our trip up north. It was beautiful. Quiet, peaceful. Surprisingly warm. The broken up ice along the shore of Superior was surreal. We saw deer galore, but no moose. A few loons on the Lake. Pines and birch. Snow and rock. Beauty of God's Creation.