I'm glad we're in a new week. Last week was not fun. It started with me having the flu over the weekend. Then, right before Super Bowl kick-off, Nils threw up. And continued doing so until bedtime. The next morning he was running around as if nothing ever happened. I wish I had that kind of recovery. Tuesday our computer died. Thankfully, a friend was able to help us recover our files that were on it. We're still deciding if we can afford to fix it right now (well, we know we can't, but we're not sure if we can afford to not fix it with Beth needing to access her resume for geology jobs). On Wednesday Beth got sick--but a much milder case that Nils or I had. On Friday the car had a flat tire as Beth was going into work. We knew we needed a couple new tires anyway, but were hoping to wait until tax refunds came back (also hoping we get a big one).

So, I'm at the library right now checking my email for the first time in a week. A few people commented on how their lives would be on hold if they had to be without their computers. I can function--every once in a while I intentionally go without computer access for a short time. I just miss being able to work on some writing projects. And being able to balance the check book and pay bills. But especially some of the connections I would normally have through the week. I think I'm getting past some of my former isolation tendencies.

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Jane D. said...

I miss you online! Praying for wisdom on the computer decision/process. Stay in touch as you are able!