Clear Lake

This past weekend my family had their annual weekend campout. My parents and my siblings, spouses and kids (as well as my sister's boyfriend and his mother) gathered together at Clear Lake, Iowa--a location partway between all of us. We set up our tents at one of the state parks around the lake.

The weather was great this weekend--warm enough during the day to enjoy the lake and cool enough at night to sleep well. Plus, oddly we didn't really have a storm, which is odd as my parents are cursed with getting rain anytime they go camping. We spent a lot of time at the beach; the boys really are improving at swimming. It was fun to see them progress, even over the weekend. We also got to play a lot of molkky and kubb (a couple of Scandinavian lawn games I made), which was great.

It was only the second time the boys and I have gotten to go camping this summer--and both times were with my parents. Camping is one of those places where I feel at peace, where I feel God's presence. So I know I need those outings. We all have special ways we connect more deeply with God (maybe through studying, through serving others, being creative, etc.). It's important to recognize what we need and take time to nurture our soul.


Rick said...

Nurture our soul - yes. While camping - I'm not so sure. Sometimes it brings out the worst in me.

Rev. Dave said...

That's why I mentioned we all have our own ways of connecting with God.

For me, I love camping.