Reflections on a Failed Rapture

About a month and a half ago we were greeted with a new billboard telling us to "Save the Date" of May 21, 2011, as that would be the date Christ returns. Of course, no one took it seriously. These sort of predictions have come and gone in the past (including a previous unsuccessful prediction by the man behind these signs). And those who know the Bible know full well that not even Jesus knew when He would return.

And so the world waited on in cynicism today for Jesus to come back or for the true believers to be taken up into Heaven--or for something apocalyptic to transpire. Of course, nothing did.

Before we point fingers at those who did make these predictions (or foolishly believe in them) noting how they wrongly read the Bible, let us ask ourselves (as a friend of mine pointed out today) where are we reading the Scriptures wrongly. The issue was that Rev. Camping didn't involve the broader Christian community in his interpretation of the Bible. Yes, the Bible is meant to be read personally, but it also must be looked at communally--even letting past historical voices chime in. We are a people of God--not persons. We're in this together. We need each other to keep us on the right track.

And as has already been said, we can't know the day and hour of Christ's return. He said it will come like a thief in the night--unexpected. Yet, He also said to watch for the signs, just as you watch the weather for signs. A lot of Jesus' teaching about the end times was to simply "be prepared" as a Boy Scout would readily agree. Each day could be our last. Make the most of it. Live accordingly. Enjoy life to the fullest as Christ offers. Don't worry about warning the world, just have your life in order.

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