A 15 Year Jourey

In 15 Years:

  • 2 boys
  • 9 residencies
  • 4 States, 1 Province
  • 5 vehicles; 4 bikes (not counting the kids')
  • 1 Bachelors degree, 1 Masters degree, 1 Doctorate in the process
  • 1 Ordination
  • 2 outdoor cats (Hans & Olaf), 1indoor turtle (Muddy)
  • Countless friends and family

There have been plenty of heartaches, tough times and mistakes along the way. There have also been a lot of wonderful times. We've had memorable trips to Lake Superior, Ecuador, CHIC in Knoxville twice, Savannah, and Teddy Roosevelt, Glacier, Yellowstone, the Grand Tetons, Devils Tower, and Mount Rushmoore National Parks and Monuments. We have fun and challenges bringing two wonderful boys into this world. We've been to some great family reunions. We got to go to Cornerstone Festival.

There are plenty of things I'd do over--regrets from mistakes I've made and such. I know I haven't loved as well as I should have most of the time. But through it all, I am grateful that my wife has been by my side. I'm married to a wonderful woman.


Beth said...

5 bikes. You had one before the Giant. ;)

Mary said...

Yes, yes you are! 15 years is an awesome accomplishment -- congratulations!!

Jane D. said...

Yay God for Dave and Beth! I am thankful for you in my life!