Lenten Art

We had the day off from school for parent-teacher conferences. After good reports regarding the boys' progress, we went to the Minneapolis Institute of Art. I took these photos there of some of the artwork that was representative of the Lenten journey:

The Temptation of Christ, Titian (Italian, 1516-1525)
a young demon is trying to tempt Christ to turn a stone into bread

Christ Driving the Money Changers from the Temple, El Greco (Spanish, 1570)
Man of Sorrows, Luis de Morales (Spanish, 1560)

The Crucifixion, Georges Rouault (French, c. 1920s) 

Crucifixion with the Virgin, Saint John the Evangelist and a Clerical Donor; Lippo Vanni (Italian, 1350-1360)
Corpus, Master of Guadalcanal (1700)
Lamentation with Saint John the Baptist and Saint Catherine of Alexandria, Master of the Legend of Saint Lucy (Dutch, circa 1500)
Lamentation of Christ, Hans Schnatterpeck (Austrian, 1490s)
The Lamentation, Alessandro Turchi (Italian, 1617)

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