A Family Camp Plug

I am the camp representative for our church. What this means is that I promote our church's camp, Covenant Pines Bible Camp, and handle any questions that people might have. The job kind of fell into my lap as I worked full-time in camping ministry for almost a half-decade and spent summers working there in high school and college.

Tonight was Covenant Pines night at church. One of the staff members came and shared with the adults and the kids. Seeing the video from summer camp makes me long for the warmer months ahead--getting outside, camping, swimming, hiking.

We signed up this week for Work and Worship at camp. Nearly all of our church goes as a sort of an "all church retreat" even though it's open to people from any Covenant Church in the Twin Cities. It's a "family camp," but we're all family--it's open to everyone. We go for a day and a half of working, getting the camp ready for the summer ministry season and have a day of rest, worship, and play. Because of the work we do the cost is really affordable.

That weekend at camp is what got us into our church family. They pulled us in by the spirit of community they displayed while working, worshiping, and playing together. Our children felt it, which was important.

That weekend is often important for our family. We get time away to work and play together. The boys can work alongside other families and individuals and be encouraged to work hard and well. We get in the outdoors (which we're pretty good at, but it gives us a chance to canoe and use resources we don't always have available to us). We experience community with our church family as well as new friends from other churches.

If you get a chance--if your church's camp (if you have one) offers a similar weekend--give it a try. Not only does it provide your family with an opportunity to serve, but it gives you time together as a family and to meet other families.

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