Ebb and Flow

In some ways today was more like Father's Day than yesterday was. Mostly because the weather was fairly nice and we got to spend the day together. After running south across the border for some shopping (and lunch at Jack in the Box, which is fast becoming one of my favorite fast food stops), we came back and Anders was asking about going to the beach. So we did.

We headed down to White Rock and walked down the promenade. We made our way down to the pier, where we had a picnic at the end (we thought Anders might enjoy having a picnic over the ocean). When we walked out, the beach extended almost all the way out to the end of the pier (which is 1500 ft long). We ate, watched some people crabbing, looked at tiny jellyfish and started to head back. By the time we got to the shore, the tide was almost all the way in. I hadn't even noticed while we were out there--it happened so quickly. I believe I've noticed signs before, warning people to pay attention tot the tidal schedule so that they don't get stuck out there. I suppose it's a good analogy for sin--how it can seem harmless, but can easily get you trapped if you're not paying attention, especially the further out you get away from the beach--or God. I don't think I need to go on too much with that one--if you're like me, you've probably been there before. You're probably more interested in the pictures anyway.

1. Anders and the bear
2. The family underneath the "White Rock"--the city's namesake (it's painted white now--some say it was originally white because of gull droppings; it's in the history books as a land mark for early explorers like Capt. Vancouver)
3. Our picnic spot (that's Washington behind across Semiahmoo Bay)
4. The boys trying to get a better view
5. Gulls with the mountains in the background (if the clouds had cleared out you'd see some of the Cascades a little fuller). We didn't think to take a before and after picture of the tide

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I'm enjoying catching up on your blogs...work is slow thus far so I have online time galore!