I Love You, Honey

Today's our 10th Anniversary. Hard to believe, isn't it?

Once upon a time we had big plans. We'd saved up money to go to Sweden. However, during 6 months of mostly unemployment the money has gone elsewhere. And now we have two kids--and Nils isn't really up for being separated for long from his main food source yet. So that's not happening this year. Plans change. And that's fine. Life isn't about getting what we want (sorry to burst the American Dream).

Thanks Beth for 10+ years of loving me and letting me try to love you as best I can. I know I fail miserably at times. Marriage isn't easy. I have to give up my own desires (which I usually try and hold on to), I have to do things I don't always want to do, I have to co-exist with someone who thinks and acts differently than I do. And though it may not be easy. It's worth it. Let's face it--despite what the media tells you, the best things in life come with some effort (even salvation from God, which is free and can't be earned, comes with our full obedience and submission to Christ). When I let myself, I learn more about God through Beth. She's very different than I am, but we're both created in God's image (that female-ness of God [read Genesis 1 - male and female He created them in His likeness] is still something I don't grasp fully).

I've said this in wedding messages before, but I'm amazed at how God uses marriage for an illustration of Christ's relationship to the Church (the Body, not the building). Even in the Hebrew Scriptures, God talks about Israel being his bride (and then how they prostitute and adulterate themselves to other gods). God/Christ is a sacrificial giver to Israel/the Church. The husband is called to love in the same way. So again, thank you, Beth, for helping me learn and understand more about God.

All that to say: I love you, Beth. Thanks for 10 years and 2 wonderful (though trying) boys. I look forward to seeing where God takes us in the next 10 years. Wherever He leads us, I know it'll be doable with you by my side.


Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary! It's hard to believe it's been 10 years! Lynn and I have 21 this year. Enjoy your day and each other, even if it's just to sit on the couch together watching the kids!

Thanks for your blogging it is fun to watch the boys grow and change

Aunt Jeri

C.W.Nicolaides said...

Well said! I love your enthusiasm for your wife and sons. I am 27 and will be getting married in just over 1 month. At first I thought I had stumbled onto your blog, then I realized God had simple led me there. I found post inspiring as I am just entering into marriage. Thanks, and may God bless the next ten.

In Christ -