Flying High & Walking Short

Yesterday afternoon in the few hours between me coming home from church and going back for stuff in the evening, we took a quick drive over to Blackie Spit for some wildlife viewing and kite flying. There was a nice breeze that made it super easy to get the kite up. (Under his cold-weather-gear, Anders is wearing his Spiderman play costume and frog boots)

We then did a quick drive to Crescent Beach on the opposite side of the peninsula for some ocean fun. Nils loved being in the water. He would have gone for a swim if we would have let him. I think it's mostly the joy of stomping and splashing.

In other big news, Nils is walking. Sort of. Last night, Beth and I sent him back and forth between us for a while. He was doing 6 steps on his own. He hasn't really done too much else without a little encouragement from us, but he's almost there. You can watch a video of him in action on Beth's blog (click the link on the right).

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