Another Weekend with Family

This was earlier in the week, but we took a walk and the boys fed some ducks (I remembered to bring some bread with this time).

My parents, sister Amy (and her dog Bella--who is Nils' favorite cousin) and my Grandma Trumper came up this direction as Beth, Amy & Mom were putting on a baby shower for April. We went up to Maple Grove Saturday morning for it. During the shower, my Dad & I took the boys a few blocks over to explore Osseo Lions Roar Days. We ended up staying through the parade. I'm still impressed that most of the towns around here have parades remniscent of the ones we'd see in small towns growing up (though with far fewer floats and far more politicians--we saw Al Franken--he'll still always be Stuart Smalley to me). And of course, they got a large amount of candy, despite Ander's meekness in getting all he could. Later that afternoon while Beth & Nils accompanied my parents to Ikea, I took Anders to his first movie theater movie: Wall*E. He enjoyed it--and was able to sit through it well.

Today, everyone came down to our place for lunch after church. They all had to go home right afterward, but we decided to go out and explore a new park. Anders was in a photographic mood (as you can tell).

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Jane D. said...

Yay for photos and family!