Into the Hinterlands

This past weekend, some friends from church invited us with them up to their family's cabin in the Wisconsin north woods. It's one of those wonderful instances where we all get along with everyone else in the family. We got to know the parents because Anders started in Sunday school with one of their kids. And we've been good friends ever since.

We had a good snow storm (I think it was officially our biggest of the season), but got up there just fine. They had made it clear to us that it wasn't a cabin ahead of time. And it wasn't. We had all the amenities needed. Really, all we needed was some good food, board games and a fireplace (all of which we had). Some video diversions were nice for the kids once in a while.

Luci & Nils with their moose; Anders & Nathaniel watching a video

It was Beth's birthday on Saturday. I had made a pumpkin cheesecake for my wonderful wife and brought it with to enjoy. We didn't do much else special--the weekend itself was a treat. She did get in a snowmobile ride, which I think was enjoyable for her.

On our way home, we had a few minutes with my family (Mom, Dad, Amy, Bella & Grandma Trumper were up at April & Wilder's house because Riley was dedicated on Sunday--we had the trip planned before that was on the calendar) before they had to depart for Iowa. The boys sure love them all--it's fun to see them play with FarFar and Uncle Wilder.

So, now we're back from the peacefulness of the woods to the hustle and bustle of the city. And a few of us are trying to get over colds or something. And there's plenty of laundry and other things to do. Why did we come home? I guess life wouldn't be as enjoyable if every day was a getaway retreat. But every day wouldn't be enjoyable if we didn't do those getaway retreats once in a while, too. (Kind of like how we need Sabbath days to get us ready for the rest of the week.)

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Ariah said...

looks like you all had a blast!