After working around the house all morning, I decided to take the boys over to Como Park Zoo so that I wasn't neglecting them all day. We seldom go in the summer because the crowds are big and parking is scarce, but summer is the only time to see the butterfly tent and Sparky the Sea Lion shows (which we missed, but saw another presentation) as well as the Japanese Garden at the conservatory. We also haven't been over to see the new Polar Bear habitat that opened up this summer. The pictures are almost all from the butterfly tent, so hopefully you enjoy butterflies.

Anders waited patiently the entire time we were in the butterfly tent for one to land on him. He would even stand still in one place for several minutes. Not until we were about to leave did one finally light on his shoulder. He was quite happy.


I'm so glad that I found you said...


Crystal said...

My Grandmother loved butterflies, these are some great photos.

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