A Six-Year Old and Legos

Today was Anders' 6th birthday. We had his party in the morning (Beth had to work in the afternoon. We met back near our old neighborhood in St. Louis Park at Oak Hills Park. It has a wonderful splash pad. So we started there (thankfully it was already in the 80s by 10am and the rain held off until late afternoon). Some of Anders' best friends were away and couldn't be there, but he still had a good group of kids come from school and our churches.

We started at the splash pad, then the kids wanted to move on to the playground area. We ate (just PB&J, popcorn and juice), had the cake and opened presents.

Anders wanted a Lego theme (because his best friend Noah had one a few months ago, and also because he wanted Legos for presents, I think--at least that worked out well for Noah). Beth made a great Lego cake (well, I made the cake, but she did a terrific job of turning into blocks).

One of his friends creatively wrapped their present in a giant Lego brick (a box with construction paper). Very cool.

He did get a lot of great Lego sets--as well as many other great presents he's excited about (a game, a Star Wars figure from Nils, an Iron Man figure, a roll of paper to draw on from MorMor...). He's already gotten two sets built.

And now he's down to bed for the night--worn out from the day and probably dreaming about Legos. (Oops, I was wrong. He just popped his head downstairs.) We're grateful for the great friends he's made in the two years we've lived here. And we're more grateful for the kid he's turning out to be (not that he doesn't have plenty of areas of growth we're working on, but overall he's on the right track) .

When he woke up this morning and came into our room, we grabbed his baby book and had fun looking at it. God is good.


Ariah said...

Looks like you guys had a blast!

Cioara Andrei said...

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