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It's pretty rare that I comment on events going on (yet alone really know what is happening in the world), but two "news" items caught my eye today:

1. Sun Chips are no longer going to sell the majority of their chips in 100% compostable bags. Apparently, people complained about the noise the bags made. I personally was enthralled with the bags. I have one in my compost bin. And yes, it is a noise bag. But can I point out that it's a bag of chips? Is the noise our packaging makes really more important the benefit of them not sitting in a landfill for years? The fact is, that we as consumers have a lot of clout. How could things change if we started using it for the benefit of society instead of to meet our selfish needs with snack foods?

2. A group of high school cheerleaders in Connecticut lobbied for more modest uniforms. Way to go, girls. The article notes how another group of cheerleaders had to get permission earlier this year to wear their uniforms to school because the uniforms violated the school's dress code. Thank you to those who stood up for modesty, and for their parents who instilled them with those values and healthy self-worth. Let's keep focusing on providing our children with those sorts of life-lessons.

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Julie said...

I didn't think the purse thing was about breast cancer?
i put something like that in my status, but then i deleted it cus it sounded naughty.
you've got a good point about the Sun Chips and the cheerleaders. (and of course, the purse thing too.) I thought it was cool that is was compostable.