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We were able to score tickets not too long ago through the Free Night of Theater Event, so we took the boys to see Robin Hood this morning at the Children's Theater Company. Anders' best friend was even able to go with his dad. The boys really enjoyed it. It was an imaginative production--told through the view point of hobos struggling from a rough economy (sound familiar?). Five actors played all the parts with little scenery (mainly trees, logs and stumps) and few props. It required a lot of imagination and fairly good mental capacity to follow which character the actors were playing. And it was quite interactive. It would have cost our family $64 to go if we hadn't been able to get the free tickets (which is not in the budget right now), so we're grateful for those who made that possible.

We made a stop at the Farmer's Market on the way home from the play, picking up some good veggies (and running into some friends there as well).

Then the next stop for the day was soccer. Anders' is doing it because his best friend is doing it (though soccer is the sport he's most likely to sign up for right now, so he may have been interested anyway). He's not a very focused player. He's more likely to be talking to someone or pointing someone else to the ba
ll. He is more defensive--he'll try to guard the goal if the other team is getting the ball near it (they don't play with goalies at this age). His best friend's dad and I joked that we're better off focusing on the SATs for our kids now because they're not getting to college on athletic scholarships. Still, I'm glad he's willing to do it. He needs the exercise and the team interaction. And if he ever got drive (to practice or play) and athletic focus, he could do alright. He's fun to watch, though. And he enjoys it. And I enjoy it, too (albeit as much for time to talk with our friends as for the sport). Of course, mainly one kid on the team has soccer focus and skills, so Anders probably isn't that different from most of the kids.

And that was our day. It was actually almost too hot while we were at the soccer game. The parents had to move to the end where the shade was, and the kids were constantly running over for water breaks. October in Minnesota--you never know what you'll get.

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