Let the Complaining Begin (and End)

Just about everyone I know is looking forward to today for the ceasing of the political commercials. And I don't blame them. Ads keep getting worse and worse, focusing on instilling fear and dividing us rather than trying to speak to actually representing us.

My peeve with the day after elections is that nothing has changed. And I'm not pointing fingers at the politicians. I'm talking about us. We cast our ballot (hopefully), but just get back to complaining. For that's what the majority of us do. We complain about anyone for whom we didn't vote that is in office (as if all our nation's problems would be solved if we got our way and had all of our candidates in office).

But complaining is what we do when we don't get our way or don't like how reality is. We let politics divide us rather than using it to work for the good of the people. Maybe, instead of griping, we need to spend more time praying. Then, only after an outflowing of our prayers, do some work ourselves in making this country (whether in our neighborhood, city or state) better.

Actually, I'm thinking that prayer is a good response whenever we find ourselves complaining (whether it's about politics, the weather, our neighbors or whatever). It's not the situation that necessarily needs to be changed (often the situation can't be changed), but our response to it. Prayer opens us up to a changed attitude. Try being thankful: "Gratitude evaporates frustration." Pray for political leaders (or your neighbors or co-workers)--not that they would change, but that you might love them better. Pray for their success (wow! what an impetus for humility). I for one need this reminder.


Jeffrey said...

"Gratitude evaporates frustration." I know I've heard that somewhere before... :-)

Rev. Dave said...

You probably have...somewhere