Last night on the news they reported that as of Wednesday night (November 17), a couple in Florida had already set up camp outside a Best Buy store to be first in line to snag Black Friday deals.

In the words of Seth Meyer and Amy Poehler: Really?

Is that what we're coming to? We can't even get to Thanksgiving Day--a day set aside to be grateful for all we have--without wanting to get more. It's always bothered me that "Black Friday" follows Thanksgiving, that we can't get through gratitude without being greedy. I'm all for great bargains (I seldom buy things at regular price), but camping outside a store for over a week in order to get a bigger television is a bit ridiculous.

Let's take this time to seriously be grateful, thinking through all the gifts we have been given. Let it prepare us for Advent, thinking less about what we want and more about what we have. Let us think more about being generous than being needful.

Let us also savor the season. Let's not rush. I know people who have their Christmas decorations up already--which I understand; I love the season, too. But by the middle of January, we're complaining that we're sick of winter already. I wonder if it doesn't have something to do with commencing holidays before their time...(technically, according to the Church calendar, we're in Advent from November 28 until December 24 and in Christmas from December 24 to January 5).

Don't rush through the holidays (holy days), but take time to celebrate, reflect and savor. It actually simplifies our lives.

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