God Manifested


We mark the day with different events:
The birth of Christ
The adoration of the Magi
The baptism of Jesus
The miracle at the wedding in Cana

All events that reveal Christ:
The newborn King
Sought to be worshiped by Gentiles
God's Son in whom He is well-pleased
A miracle-working, party-goer

He has revealed Himself
To us throughout history;
He continues to reveal Himself
To us today (do we take the time
To watch and listen?)

There is a star that shines
Just for you to see
There is water of baptism
To reveal you as dearly loved
And chosen by God

There is wine poured out
Just for you to remember
What Christ did for you
As He invited you in
To the New Covenant

He reveals Himself in the daily:
In the sacredness of relationships
In the holiness of serving others
Through the love of a child
Through a much needed hug

He reveals Himself in the sacred:
Through corporate worship together
Through daily prayer and Scripture
Through confession and repentance
Through a still, small voice

Let us not forget the ways
He has revealed Himself to us
Let not our hearts be closed
To learning more and more
Of who Christ reveals Himself to be

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