My Dream

I love hearing Martin Luther King's "I Have a Dream" speech--not just today, but whenever it is aired. May he inspire us all to dream, and do what we can to make those dreams reality. Here's my dream:

I have a dream that one day no one will be judged based on outward appearances:
On the color of their skin
Or by their economic status
By the clothes they wear
Or by their ability to look like everyone else
I have a dream that city neighborhoods are not segregated by where our ancestors came from or how much money someone makes
But that we all might truly love our neighbor
Getting to know them
And if not liking them, at least trying to understand them
I have a dream that children can grow up without being forced to live in homes with verbal and physical abuse
Where they may have a bed to sleep on and food on their tables every day
Where they are not violated by family member, friend or the media
Where education begins at home and continues in top-notch classrooms
Where they are loved solely because of who they are
I have a dream that peace would be something we do, not something we hope for
That all could be seen as a child of God--not an enemy or an alien or a threat to our way of life
That we can sit and eat and talk together
That we can discuss politics or religion or other ideologies with an intent to understand and acknowledge each other's view points without fighting over them
I have a dream that my children and their children can know the beauty and mystery of the world God created
That we would do better as stewards instead of consumers
That we could see less of humanity's footprint and more of God's thumb print
That we would seek to redeem all that is fallen
I have a dream that one day the love of God would be known by all

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