Campfire Community

When I took the boys camping earlier this week, they asked who we were going with. This is a new thing. We haven't done much camping with other people outside of our camping weekend with my family. For various reasons, we've usually gone by ourselves (often because of when we can go and the budget that necessitates our time away). So our vacation this summer with another family was something new--something enjoyable. And we do need some family camping trips as well, with just us (or just me and the boys).

This weekend we went camping with our small group (our Chapter House) from church (all but one person who was on vacation elsewhere). Because of the need for a cabin-type lodging for some of our group and not being able to find them available in most state parks, we ended up going to Covenant Park Bible Camp where a good friend of ours has been the director. It was a nice setting--we were able to set up our tents and have a campfire just a short distance from the lodging (which was nice with a group to be able to have a fridge and not worry about ice).

We did some kayaking (Anders even tried going by himself and did quite well), swimming, playing of kubb and bocce, and of course just sitting around the campfire and relaxing. And eating--I can't forget that.

Community is important to us. It is a core part of our church. Camping together was a great way to continue building that community together within our group. I'm also thankful for a group of people with whom I can build community in a deeper level.

We happened to be there the same time that a Covenant Church from Duluth was doing their church retreat. I enjoyed getting to talk with their pastor and a few of their members. They were building community, too. They even invited us to join in with them at times. I love that about our denomination (and I know others are the same way): we're a wide family. Where ever we go and run into each other--even if we don't know each other previously--we can converse like old friends. We can do that because we know our community expands beyond our tent site, our church and our neighborhood. Where ever blue sky or twinkling stars shine above us, we are in a place of community--if we allow ourselves and take the time and effort to be with one another.

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