Shoebox Apartments and Hospitality

I came across this video of an architect in Manhattan living in a 78 square foot apartment (and paying more in rent than we do on our mortgage for our home--but I guess that's New York for you). It's an amazing video to watch; I marvel at how he can live in such a small space and how he has devised his own furniture to make it work for him (plus the fact that he works from home!).

I've posted before how I admire people who can pare down and find comfort in small living spaces. But I guess finally growing into a strong community of faith has effected me. Despite my fairly strong introvert pull, I found myself thinking during the video, "But he can't have people over for dinner!"

While I'm not becoming an extrovert, I have definitely come to see the importance of community and our home as a place of hospitality. Of course, a 78-sq ft apartment can't limit your hospitality and your belonging to community--only you can do that.

So make the most of your living space, but make even more of your giving space--your opportunities to share with those around you, to create community. It is where we, together, become better than we could be on our own.

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