Don't Rush It

I've heard of stores already having Valentine's Day items out (who buys holiday stuff several months before hand anyway?). Don't rush out of Christmas. It's only the end of the third day of Christmas as it is (remember those twelve days of Christmas? They start Christmas Day--not on Thanksgiving or anytime before hand). Christmas lasts until January 6, when we celebrate Epiphany (the revelation of Jesus Christ as the Son of God through the visit of the Magi). In much of Europe, Christmas trees aren't traditionally put up until Christmas Eve and stay up until Epiphany.

So don't rush Christmas. The world (especially commercialism part of it) tries to do that far too quickly for us. We've been waiting for four weeks. Savor the revelation of the new born King. Make room in your heart for Him. And remember we are Advent people--people who wait for Christ to return...and live in such a manner that we are ready for His return.

Most radio stations--even the Christian ones--have stopped playing Christmas music already. Decorations will be down all too soon. The new toys will be broken or tossed aside in a few days. What's left of the Christmas cookies will (hopefully) soon be gone. The holiday (holy day) season doesn't last long (at least the real holy days--not the commercial stuff that is pushed on us)--the material stuff is quickly gone, and we too easily move on from the spiritual implications.

We've got one more family Christmas gathering yet. Our tree will stay up for at least another week and a half. We try to savor the reminders that our Savior has come...that God lived amongst us. I often need those reminders. Maybe you do too--so savor it, don't rush it.

Merry Christmas!

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Kim said...

Thanks for the reminder, Rev. Dave! :)