Winter Solstice

Night comes early--too early--
before it is even time to sit down
to eat a supper meal together.

In the morning it will dig in its claws
and try to last as long as possible--
knowing that its time has come.

Our friends north of here
will see the sun even less;
there are places of perpetual night.

Too much darkness like this
brings on depression and moodiness.
It makes the body lethargic.

But we celebrate today
knowing that the darkness won't last;
that each day we see the sun
just a little bit longer.
We adjust to its presence again,
like getting used to a new friend.

The old church leaders placed Christmas
on the calendar near the solstice
not without reason.
During this Advent season
we wait for the Light to return
just as we wait for the days to lengthen.

There is much winter left
before the sun's rays warm
this cold and icy earth.
There is much darkness left
before the Son returns
to bring righteousness and justice.

So we wait.
In darkness.
But with hope of brighter days ahead.

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Kim said...

Lovely, Dave. Thanks for posting.