The Force, Free Comics and Fun

This weekend is one of my kids' favorite holidays. Friday was Star Wars Day (since it was May the Fourth--as in May the Fourth be with you--clever, eh?). We don't actually do anything for it (though we did end up watching a Clone Wars movie), but they have fun just knowing that it was Star Wars Day.

Today is Free Comic Book Day. We visited Twin Cities Comics in Columbia Heights (we also often go to Hot Comics in Crystal). Many comic book stores offer various comic books for free so that people can explore and find a comic book they might like. Yes, not all comic books are kid-appropriate, but most publishers rate them (A for all ages, T for teens, etc.) and there tends to be a pretty good selection of kid-friendly comics (Nils picked up a Donald Duck one for example).

Afterward we hit Home Depot for their first Saturday of the month Kids' Building Project. Today it was a wooden planter box, so each of the boys nailed together the little pieces. They received a project pin to put on their little apron they received the first time we went. As a bonus, our Home Depot was offering some free plants to go with the planters for the first 100 kids, so the boys each brought home a nice strawberry plant.

We haven't done these things for long (I think it was just a couple years ago we figured out Star Wars Day and discovered Free Comic Book Day, and it's only been a few months that we've done the Home Depot projects), but they're fun and the boys already look forward to them. Sometimes it's good to do goofy little holidays to make memories for your kids (as well as having good family time together).

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