The Saga of a Spring Break Road Trip 2

Other than 30 seconds of light sprinkles around 6pm we made it through the day without rain. So we're camping tonight and hoping the boys stay warm enough.

It was good to be outside in mild temperatures. We went for a nice hike near Table Rock Mountain. The hopeful desire to spot an armadillo along the way kept the boys motivated to keep going (I found out later that I could have used the threat of scorpions and tarantulas, but I think then positive motivation worked better).

It's good to get them time outside. While I was making supper they were playing in the woods building a fort. They play in ways they don't often do together--even outside in the city.

So our prayers for a dry day worked (which others might not be happy about as they're still recovering from last year's drought). So here's prayers for warm weather tonight and a beautiful next couple of days.

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