The Saga of a Spring Break Road Trip

It's Spring Break week. Tired of a long winter and yearning for time in nature, the boys and I have headed to southern Missouri/northern Arkansas to go camping in the Ozarks. Going against my nature, we left without much of a plan. Just to drive south, find a place to camp, and do some hiking.

Of course as we neared within a half hour of the destination where we first thought we might find some decent camping, it started raining and the temperature dropped. Last week it had been in the 70s. Today was only pushing the upper 40s. I don't mind camping in the rain. I don't mind camping when it's cold. But both together would not have made a good combination--especially with young kids. And the rain doesn't look like its going to let up much tomorrow, either. When is frustrating when all of our plans are outside.

So with the help of my wonderful wife at home, we're spending the night in a motel in Branson, Missouri. Which was about 2 hours from where we had hoped to end up for our first night of camping. But we figured it was our best option for having potential back-up plans for another rainy day. The extra drive took us through some beautiful country--as well as places like Cape Fair, Shell Knob, and Rocky Comfort (great name--but not as good as Peculiar, which we had gone through earlier in the day).

The boys travel fairly well. A few extra hours don't help, though. We were all tired of driving by the end. And the car is way overpacked with winter coats as well as rain coats and all our gear.

I realized while driving that we probably could have just stayed home and done some of the more costly things around town that we never do because of the price (which would have been made up for with what we're paying in gas). But I wanted to see green grass, smell the blossoms, hear the birds chirp, and feel the muddy earth squish under my feet. I also decided that I need to seize those adventurous moments. Life is short.

Plus, I get time with my children, which will be more developmentally positive for them than pouring money into other places. And so the day closes as we snuggle into our beds in the Gazebo Inn, praying tomorrow brings some warmth and sunshine. There's some hiking to do!

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