A Concert at Lake Harriet

The first summer night
That we've been able
To head down to the lake
To take in a concert.

The band is enjoyable:
a guitarist/singer,
drummer, and bass player.
Their name I never
Really caught--something
With "Prophet" or "Profit"
In it. I think it is the former.
The music is described
As "American rock and
Roll with Soul."
You never know what
You might get, but
Overall it is quite enjoyable.

In the background
Sailboats skim by on
The lake while rollerbladers
And bicyclists pass
Around the perimeter.
A family plays bocce
Ball in the grass
While airplanes scream
Overhead, heading toward
The airport. They drown
Out the music momentarily.

 People in the benches sit;
Those around us in the grass
Eat sandwiches and drink
White wine. Talking,
Laughing, reading the paper.
A few kids and adults
dance near the stage.
Men walk over with
ice cream cones for their
families or dates. Couples
share a bag of popcorn.

We have not seen some
Of the usual people we
Frequently saw at concerts
Last year. But a group of
Neighbors sitting next to
Us is quite friendly.
Bicyclists stop to catch
Some of the music.
Dog owners abound:
Large dogs on leashes,
Small dogs carried under
Arms. Our children return
From the playground and
Enjoy spending time sitting
With us on the blanket,
Listening to the music.

The temperatures reached
Into the mid-nineties today,
But a cool breeze aids
To an relaxing evening--
A wonderful way to
Spend a summer evening.

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