Stoping Along a the Sakatah Hills Bike Trail

Brown water dappled with green
From specks of duck weed
Flows below the bridge
Where I sit on a cedar bench--
One of several build on the sides
For pedestrians and cyclists 
To pause and rest, to take in
The beauty of the natural surroundings  
The naturalness may be tainted by 
The zooming of cars on the nearby highway 
Or the homes upstream,
But for the moment I am finding 
A subtle peacefulness as I sit. 
Billowy clouds fill the horizon
While wispier ones fly overhead. 
I don't always take the chance
For a bike ride by myself,
Often resigning to a loyalty
To patristic duties, but every now
And then I listen to my wife's offerings
And take some time for self-care. 
So I left our group camp and the
Friends still sitting around the campfire, 
The children playing with each other
And biking down the hills,
And took off own my own of a while. 
I am not a serious cyclist. 
I do not bike merely for the sake
Of logging several miles. 
I enjoy the exercise, yes. 
But I also will take the time
To watch a heron feeding in the reeds
Of the marsh along the trail,
Or take a picture of an interesting shadow,
Or to stop on a bridge over a river
And enjoy the scenery and peacefulness
Like in this moment 

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