For My Nephew and Bride

On an old Amish farm--
Now a bed and breakfast--
Nestled between the large hills
Of southwestern Wisconsin,
The nuptials take place,
Romance comes to fruition.
Rows of white wooden chairs
Face the wooden posts 
That create a frame for the
Couple to stand in front of 
While barn swallows swoop
Across the pond behind them.
An old silo looms overhead
And honeybees buzz amongst
The wildflowers in the surrounding field.

Years ago the first couple
Came together in a garden
Amidst wildlife and wildflower,
An ordained union meant
For relational completeness:
Male, female, and God.
The sacrement has continued
As lovers come together
Committing to each other,
Vowing unconditional love,
And creating a new organism
From which family will come
And blessing will flow.

Today the young bride
And her bridegroom
Embark on a new journey
In relationship and in geography
As they learn to love during
Good times and bad,
Loving each other's faults
As well as their qualities
Which first caused attraction.
Struggles will come
As well as indescribable joy
While love learns to thrive--
May blessing be poured upon
The newly wed couple.

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