The following is an article by Dr. Mark Laaser from a recent newsletter from Faithful & True Ministries. I'm posting it here to help remind me of these questions.

Four Questions to See if Your Life is in Balance

It's a good idea to pause every now and again to take your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual pulse. Recovery and long term health are built on the foundation of a life that is balanced and sane.

The feature article from this newsletter is brief, but intended to help you reflect. Take a look at the questions below (adapted from an article from the Hazelden Foundation), and see how you are doing. Maybe it's time to make some changes?

Take a minute to reflect upon your previous week, and ask yourself:

1. Am I honoring my body?
  • Have I listened to its aches and tensions?
  • Did I take time to rest?
  • Did I get exercise?
  • Have I been eating balanced meals?

2. Am I honoring my mind?
  • Have I taken time to read a good book or attend an interesting class?
  • Was I able to exchange ideas with a friend?

3. Am I honoring my emotions?
  • Was I able to express my feelings in my journal or to others?
  • Have I spent quality time with someone this week?
  • Did I take time to play and laugh?

4. Am I honoring my soul?
  • Have I spent time in prayer, meditation, or solitary thought?
  • Have I gathered with others for worship and spiritual encouragement?
  • Have I read something inspirational or listened to beautiful music?


Jane D. said...

Wow those are good...and convicting! Thanks!

Alaina Beth said...

Nice. Thanks for posting this.