You Put on A Good Show, St. Louis Park

My parents arrived yesterday on their way back from a mission trip to a reservation in South Dakota, stopping here so they can celebrate Anders' birthday with us. We had a picnic supper at a park with a splash pad. It was mostly warm enough this time for the boys to play in it.

Later that evening we headed down (sans Beth and Nils) to watch the fireworks. We got there just over an hour before they were scheduled to begin. The park was packed. Blankets lined the hillside for blocks. It was fun to hear all the different languages spoken by people who came out to celebrate this country's birthday. It was a good reminder of how the pilgrims who settled this country came speaking different languages but would eventually band together to form a new nation. And they came seeking freedom, escaping persecution and longing for a better life.

If fireworks are indeed a celebration of that independence that we gained back in 1776, then St. Louis Park did a great job of celebrating. Thanks for the show.

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