Pictures from the Week

My parents were up this weekend. We had some time with them at my sister's house on Sunday.

Anders enjoyed using Uncle Wilder on the slip & slide. Otherwise they weren't too into slipping & sliding--just getting wet.

The boys "fishing" at April & Wilder's house: FarMor helped get their rods ready. Anders shows off his catch (a gummi-fish).

Nils enjoys spending some quality time with FarFar.

We were going to let Anders climb the rock wall at REI while Beth looked at shoes this morning, but today's one of the days when the wall isn't open. So instead we headed over to the Mall of America for our first time since we've been here. Our destination was the Lego store (we didn't even go in any other store other than Sears to get to our parking ramp). Anders was in awe.

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