The Power of Story

Anders is our sensitive boy. Don't get me wrong--he's a definite male. He loves Star Wars, cars, lightsabers & guns, rescue vehicles, climbing and nature. But we've been getting movies from our library, and a couple have touched him. A week or so ago we watched Ice Age. When the animals have to give the baby back to the humans, he started crying. Last night it was The Iron Giant. When the Giant sacrifices himself to save all the people, he was sobbing. I'll admit, the fact that he was crying brought some tears to my eyes (I guess we know where he gets it from). We connected the Giant's death with that of Aslan in The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. Which naturally led into talking about how Jesus died for us.

Nils, meanwhile, busied himself with playing with toys--handing me toy dinosaurs. But he's getting into stories. He usually enjoys reading books with us at naptime and bedtime. There's a couple books he keeps pulling out, so those are pretty well memoriezed. In addition to The Big Red Barn, he likes books with trucks--especially fire trucks. Right now he's walking around with a bucket on his head saying he's a firefighter.

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