Confessions of a Child Care Provider

Today I'm beginning the first day of watching my niece Riley on a regular basis. I've watched her before, so it's not a new thing. But her dad got an internship, so I'm going to be helping take care of her while he's at work. Not everyday: he's hoping to do his hours in 3 full days instead of 5 half days, and his mom will watch her as well. So at least one day a week, with options for more.

It's still an adjustment, though. Three kids to take care of is a different story than just two. Especially when one of them is not mobile. And wants to be held. A lot. (I'm working on helping her see that she can survive without being held for a little while.) The boys are pretty good with her at least.

It does take a more focused effort to get things done. But I'm proud of myself. So far this morning I've got a loaf of bread kneaded and rising, and I've got laundry in the machines downstairs.

Anders just commented that he's "tired of the crying right now." There'll be more things we'll have to get used to. Like figuring out how to do rest time for everyone in two rooms. And try and get some quiet time for myself.

I know plenty of people do this with more kids. So it can be done. We just need to learn to adjust. It'll come.

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