Creation's Lesson

Caring Creator,
How wonderful the works of Your hand are!
You designed each plant, animal and rock
with a marvelous uniqueness.
How many billions upon billions of blades of grass there must be;
yet You care for each one,
sending the morning dew and midday sun.
You push up the hills and cut out the ravines.
You stretch the birch tree upward,
And draw the branches of the maple outward.
the wren sings Your praise;
The goose trumpets Your glory.
You bring forth new life to fill the earth
yet there are constant reminders of our mortality.
My life is in Your hands;
You alone control the course of the future.
I need You and depend on You.
Trusting in myself is folly;
Following my own path is foolishness.
I do not know where my own path would take me,
But I know that Yours, alone,
Will lead me to life abundant.
- May 2002, Pine Lake, Iowa

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Jane D. said...

I love Pine Lake...and the role it's played in my spiritual walk and I know in yours too! Yay God for that wonderful spot!