School's in Session

On Thursday night Anders' school had a spaghetti supper & open house. We all went so Anders could show us around. We also had to set up a time slot for a conference with his teacher this fall. Anders is enjoying it. The picture is when he got back home from his first day of school. His highlight of each day is getting to sit next to his new friend Thomas on the bus (who lives just around the corner from us). He liked showing off his classroom and the school. We even got to meet a few of his new friends.

His class is fairly diverse. Someone said that there are over 70 languages spoken in the school. I'm not sure it's actually that high. But during the open house they were doing a survey of where everyone was born. Plenty of states and just as many companies were represented.

Nils was in his heyday. He loved the school. He was enthralled with everything in Anders' classroom. He sat for quite a while in the Spanish classroom just reading a book. It's going to be a hard wait until its his time.

On a side note: this weekend we took in our first team handball game. The boys' uncle Wilder was playing in a scrimmage at a YWCA in Midtown. They had games against Air Force and a couple of teams from Winnipeg. It was fun to watch. It'd be fun to try sometime (if it wasn't with others who were in good shape). He had recently made the USA Senior Men’s National Team. So that's exciting.

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