Faith Like a Child

Each night after we read a couple books to the boys, we read a devotion together. For a while we had gone through a couple books that had Bible stories with a reflection after each one. They helped the boys learn the Bible stories, but I'm not sure if they made deeper connections. On one of our last trips to my parents' house, I brought back Little Visits with God, the common family devotional book first published in 1957. I found my grandfather's name written inside, much to my surprise. It doesn't tell Bible stories, but tells stories that highlight a biblical principle. Then, there are questions at the end. Anders does really well with answering the questions. Nils has a hard time sitting still for the story in the first place.

It's interesting how I learn new insights quite often, as well. Last night the verse used was Matthew 18:20: Jesus said, "Come to me all who are weary and heavy laden, and I will give you rest." The story pointed out how our troubles, worries, issues and sins wear us down. We often have difficulties falling asleep because we're worrying. So, when we turn our problems (whether worries or bigger sins) over to Jesus, He unburdens us, taking it upon Himself. Then we can rest. Of course, God provides us the promise of real rest once we join Him in eternity. But some unburdening in this lifetime is a pretty good deal, too.

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