First Field Trip

Anders had his first school field trip today. It was to the nature center near our house, so the bus ride there from school was shorter than his bus ride to school. We've been there plenty, so it wasn't overly exciting for him, but I think he enjoyed it just the same. All of us got to join him (Beth had to leave partway through to get to work, but she was there for a bit).

The students all gather together first for a puppet show about apples. Judging by the laughter and interaction, it was a big hit. It was about apples. Specifically how they start out as flowers, get pollinated by insects and mature into fruit which is a tasty container for the seeds.

The classes split up and Anders' group went and made apple cider. Each student got to put an apple in the grinder. Then they watched it get pressed and got to drink some cider.

Lastly was a leaf scavenger hunt. The leader from the nature center had them look for similarly shaped or colored leaves. Unfortunately it was a miserable day for a field trip of this nature--at least for the outdoor part of it. It was just above freezing and raining/sleeting the whole time. The kids couldn't pick up leaves off the ground because of their gloves. But they still enjoyed it as all kids do (for the most part). I think Anders learned to listen to me about which jacket to wear. We'll see if he remembers that on Monday.

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