Where We've Been Placed

Leading into today's sermon, Pastor Efrem reminded us that whole life stewardship means seeing everything around us in where we have been placed as resources for advancing the Kingdom. We've been discussing that all year, but the way he said it today connected with me. He mentioned where we have been placed includes our housing, transportation, job, etc. It hit me because lately I can get in ruts where I feel like our tiny apartment prevents us from hosting a Bible study or having people over. I can feel like our economic situation limits me in helping others--or even in being able to do things that connect us to others. That, of course, is wrong thinking. And I kick myself when I fall into it. Satan does like to speak lies to us, though. The truth is that whatever our situation in life, God has placed us there to give us opportunities to advance His Kingdom. As Efrem said, "God desires to use you and I as expressions of His love in the world." That isn't dependent on our being where we want to be; it's dependent on our being available to be used. And willing. And even that we seek the opportunities to be used. I wonder if I try to much to make myself content rather than just being available where I'm at and letting contentment come through being usable. Ah, so I've still got work to do. I thought that was probably the case.

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