I was preparing some sourdough this morning to bake. I had it going in the KitchenAid. The last time I made bread I had resolved to knead it by hand instead of using the mixer to do it for me. I was realizing as I stood there, holding the mixer so it didn't vibrate off the counter top and watching the dough whack the sides of the bowl as it spun around that I was missing out.

My wife and I have tried to embrace simple living for our family as much as we can, trying not to complicate our lives (and our home) too much. I was realizing that while using the KitchenAid is an easy way to mix the dough, it's not the simple way. I was missing out on the exercise I get by kneading by hand (and adding to the electric bill instead). I was turning homemade food into processed food instead of being more connected to the process.

It's easier for me to complain about the busyness of life. But it's more rewarding to make the effort to live more simply. The choices we make do make a difference. I believe God created our lives to be full, but that means we're to live them fully, not to make them more complicated.

And so this morning, after first being stubborn to my wife's suggestion to knead the dough by hand, I sucked up my pride and did what I should have done to start with.


SueAtGraceCorner said...

I used to tell my massage clients that finding the knots in their muscles is similar to finding a marble in the bread dough. I've abandoned that comparison because very few people know what I'm talking about. Now I compare it to driving over rumble bars on the highway. Only then do they understand that I'm saying those knots aren't hard to find!

Enjoy your dough. There's nothing quite like it ... providing you don't find any marbles.

Rev. Dave said...

I do try to keep the marbles out--I'm mostly successful :)