Thrid Sunday in Advent

The third Sunday in Advent traditionally focuses on Joy: specifically the joy found in the coming of Jesus. One of my favorite Christmas movies is Elf. Buddy the Elf approaches Christmas with such joy. Everything about it excites him. And when he is working at the department store and hears that Santa is coming, he joy overflows. "SANTA'S COMING! I KNOW HIM! I KNOW HIM!"

Isn't that the same kind of joy we should be experiencing at Christmas? Nay, not just at Christmas, but everyday? Jesus is coming--and we know Him! Sometimes all the cultural, family and personal traditions and demands placed on us during the holidays drain us rather than bring us joy. We need to develop habits that let us revel in the joy of Christmas. Making Christmas cookies with the kids can be a time of joy. Watching holiday events through the eyes of a child can bring joy. Taking time to sit and marvel at the scandal of the Christmas story--that God sent His Son to earth for you and me--should be the root of our joy.

May you find the joy in this time of year, awaiting the coming of our King and Savior.

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