Snow in the City

Yesterday we received our first big snowfall of the winter--we hadn't seen any on the ground since October. We received around 6-8 inches. We were on the north end of the storm--it was much worse in Iowa. We had it light in many respects. I'm not used to experiencing snowfalls in the city yet. It's beautiful in many ways. There's a beautiful glow at night that the city lights create when the snow is dropping. It's a lot nicer to watch the snow fall that way rather than just seeing darkness.

We also miss out on the wind. Mostly. There were drifts but they weren't as prolific as we used to experience in the country. Which is fine. That means we miss out on some of the wind chill as well. It was still cold enough that I didn't feel like bundling up the boys to take them sledding yet. I knew Nils would not be excited about having snow fly in his face.

Winter in the city also means that Anders doesn't get to experience the thrill of having a snow day. It would take a large dumping of snow to cause the school district to close. Which means he also won't experience the disappointment of having to make up a day of school later.

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