Extraordinary Life

Our sermon series at church lately has been titled "A Life Less Ordinary." Our last three Sundays have focused on living lives of worship, growing deeper in community and living with purpose. The messages have been good and challenging.

An extraordinary life is something I strive to have, something I desire to be living. Ordinary life is draining and purposeless. Extraordinary life is filling and is Kingdom advancing. Ordinary life goes through the motions; extraordinary life is intentional, living out our credo to love God and love others as ourselves.

Extraordinary life sees everyday as a chance for worshiping God--even in risky circumstances and challenging times. Extraordinary life develops as we seek to grow more spiritually mature.

Extraordinary life seeks out intimacy with other believers, bringing redemption and reconciliation. It develops as week find our identity in Christ and live out His love to others--even others who are difficult to love (including ourselves).

Extraordinary life is lived with purpose. It interacts with others in a way that they are empowered to live out their God-given purpose as well. Extraordinary life has a testimony that needs to be shared, giving others the opportunity to be transformed in light of God's work in our life.

So, that's what I'm wrestling with in the last three weeks (and the weeks to come). If you find yourself also desiring a life less ordinary, maybe we can encourage each other on this journey.


Mark Aamot said...

Well said Dave. I'm challenged and inspired by this sermon series. Pastor Efrem is really laying it down and (lovingly, as he said) putting some difficult truths to us.

I really like the message he put to us today...that an extraordinary life is one where our presence empowers others in places like North Mpls rather than displaces them. Indeed, gentrification IS the new colonization.

Mark Aamot

Rev. Dave said...


Thanks for the reply. Efrem's colonization statement is quite interesting. Some new food for thought.