In Like a Lamb

The boys and I got out to take a walk in this beautiful weather, so we headed over to the nature center. It had been a while since we went. The sunshine and warm temperatures (well, warm for what we've been used to the past few months. If we had these temperatures in October, we'd all be bundling up and staying indoors instead of shedding some layers and heading outside). We weren't there too long, but it was enough time to get some Vitamin D and enjoy the birds and squirrels running through the woods.

I loved the glow the sun gives the cattails.

I can actually wait a little while for spring if we can keep this weather for a while. It reminds me of winter in British Columbia--snow on the ground, not needing a coat, just a sweater, 40 degrees (I think that's like 4 Celsius). But it's a great time of year. Get out and enjoy it.

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