Of Cell Phones and Other Things

I first got a cell phone only two years ago. A few years before that we had gotten rid of our land line and gone to just one cell phone, but that was largely in the hands of my wife--as I had little desire to be tied to one. We got rid of our cell phone when we moved to Canada, but when we moved back to the US, we opted to have two cell phones.

At this point in my life I have realized I need to be connected to people more. I get unhealthy when I'm isolated. I need to keep in contact with those who can keep me accountable and who care about my well-being.

We recently switched carries. We now get more minutes and free texting for a cheaper price. So I've been texting now. I still find little need to do it all the time, but it does come in handy. And, as convenient as short hand may be, I refuse to use it to save time. While I get frustrated with the English language at points for its inconsistencies and non-sensical rules, I won't bring it down further. So, I'll be typing out "to", "before" and "later" instead of using 2, B4 and L8R. There are all ready too many people who don't know the difference between "your" and "you're" or "they're" and "their."

So, feel free to text me now--I don't have to pay for it anymore--but expect my return texts to be a little longer as I type things out. Or maybe we should just talk.

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Ariah said...

Yeah, I usually opt for the full on proper grammar. I have a full keyboard on my phone though, so it's a bit easier