Last night, Beth and I were able to go to a concert. We had gotten free tickets from a drawing from our local Christian radio station, KTIS.

Just a quick rant on the subject of Christian concerts. In recent years, artists seem more intent on making their concerts "worship experiences." I think we even have a live CD by a group who says at one point that the audience maybe didn't know they were going to church, but that's what the concert was. Now, I totally agree that church isn't limited to a building. And "wherever two or three are gathered in Jesus' name, He is there in their midst." However, church is meant to be a place for all people--not just those who can afford the ticket price and Ticketmaster fees (don't get me started on Ticketmaster).

That being said, we did really enjoy the concert. It wasn't groups we knew well--though we did discover we knew most of the songs from the radio.

The opening act was Caleb (Caleb & Will Chapman, son's of Steven Curtis Chapman). The were quite good for their young ages.

The second act was Tenth Avenue North. Again, the music was quite enjoyable; I also really enjoyed some of the thoughts that the lead singer, Mike Donehey, shared.

The closing act was Casting Crowns--a group made up of youth workers from Georgia (I don't know how they do ministry, record and tour and still have time for their families).

It's been a few years since I'd been to an "arena concert." It was definitely a different crowd from some of the previous concerts I'd been to, like DC Talk, Audio Adrenaline and Newsboys. All ages were represented. Plenty of families (even an infant in the row across from us); I really appreciated the older woman in the row ahead of us (as seen in the picture). It was kind of fun to see a woman from her generation getting into the music.

So, thank you to KTIS for the tickets. It was nice to get out without expenses (a good friend from church watched the boys and we found free parking, so the only cost was the water & popcorn Beth bought) and enjoy some uplifting music.

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