Scenes from Iowa

During Anders' spring break we spent several days on my parents' farm. The boys loved squishing in the mud, climbing on trees and spending time with FarFar (especially in the tractor).

We were up early enough to enjoy a beautiful sunrise. The sunsets are just as beautiful. Not to mention the night-time skies on clear nights.

We took the boys over to my uncle's farm to see their new lambs (they also enjoyed some time swinging in the hay mow).

We also spent a couple days in the Des Moines area, staying with my brother so the boys could have time with their cousins. We got to visit my grandmother at her new apartment, and we picnicked with my sister and her new boyfriend after visiting the Historical Building.


SueAtGraceCorner said...

You're lucky to still have farming relatives. My grandparents on both sides were farmers, so I grew up riding on tractors (there was no such thing as being "in" a tractor back then!) and playing in hay mows; but my kids have never experienced any of that. There are no farmers left in our family. :(

Rev. Dave said...

It definitely is a blessing.